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Vocalist Craig Mabbitt

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Interview with Vocalist Craig Mabbitt

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Post-hardcore heroes ESCAPE THE FATE are just about to release their fourth studio record, Ungrateful. The band‘s back with a new line-up and sounds grittier than ever before. Vocalist Craig Mabbit answers some question about their newest effort.

So Craig, the new record is quite heavy. Where does that aggression come from?
Craig Mabbit: It's been a long hiatus, at least for us, so we were a little more hungry and pissed this time around, haha.

Ungrateful is a very diverse record as well. There are some of your most brutal tracks and some quite good rock tunes. Which side of ESCAPE THE FATE do you like most?
I like every side of my band. We all do, that's why we will continue to be diverse. There's no rule book that says your entire record has to sound like one particular song.

What‘s your personal favourite song on Ungrateful? And why?
I think it might be "Until We Die". Every element of that song I enjoy.

What was your mindset when it came to writing lyrics?
Anything particular that influenced you this time?
Everything that happens in my life or in my bandmates‘/friends‘ lives influences my writing.

Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) wrote a song with you as well as Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe). How did it come to these collaborations?
Mick Mars happened years ago and we still have yet to actually record that track. Patrick was in the area and John Feldman, our producer, invited him over. He sat down and came up with some melodies for our ballad "Picture Perfect".

The music video for your first single “Ungreatful“ deals a lot with bullying and violence. Is that something you or the other members gone through before?
Yeah, I dealt with it for sure and it inspired me to write the concept. I got picked on in my younger years of school and always got tossed around by my old man. I took that aggression out on my little brother, it's a viscous cycle.

You‘ve also got a cool new project, THE DEAD RABBITTS. What can you tell me about this?
Well, it's spelled with 2 t's, just like my last name. It's just another outlet for me to make music with friends. It's what I love doing and my fans seem to enjoy it.

What‘s up next for ESCAPE THE FATE?
Take over the world, haha!


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