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Interview with Guitarist Juno Yates

BLITZ KIDS: Interview with Guitarist Juno Yates

UK-based BLITZ KIDS might turn into one of the island's most hopeful rock acts. Their blend of rock, pop and more experimental elements defines the band's second effort "The Good Youth". I talked to mastermind and guitarist Juno.
I'm sure many of our readers won't know your band by now. So, please introduce yourself.
I'm Jono and I play guitar in Blitz Kids and you should have heard of us by now because we're a big deal.
Where did you guys meet and end up forming the band?
We met in school through a mutual love of music, smoking, and maths. We ended up forming the band because none of us were good at maths. We were going to be called Pythagoras' Theorum but due to legal reasons weren't allowed to use it.
Which bands had a big impact on you?
First and foremost, none of us would even listen to music if it wasn't for Usher, so we owe him a lot. As far as bands go, we've all got really eclectic tastes. I dabble in folk, metal, pop, hard house, rap, and Disney soundtracks mostly.
What does your name, BLITZ KIDS, mean?
It's German for 'Lightning Kids'. But you probably already knew that, didn't you? Because we're fast as lightning in all realms of life. Unfortunately, that includes love making.
"The Good Youth" is your third record by now. What are the main differences in comparison to its predecessors?
It's our second full length album, and the first one that's not rubbish. I think that's the resounding factor that makes this one different to the rest. None of us were happy with the last one. It was rushed in every sense of the word. It served a purpose I suppose and we got some fun tours through promoting it, but if those songs could be wiped from the hard drive of the universe, then I don't think we'd bat an eyelid.
What is your personal favourite song of your new record and why?
Title Fight, because it's the first time I've written about my anxiety issues. It's very personal to me and I hope that people going through the same thing can relate in some way.
Where did you record it and what was the mood in camp Blitz Kids like during the recording session?
We recorded it in LA with John Feldmann. He's always been an idol of ours, in GOLDFINGER as well as his production work. To collaborate with him and make this record was a dream come true, so naturally the mood was consistently jovial! He made the whole thing so easy, and I think upon reflection, the flow of the album is so fluid because of how relaxed we were.
Which do you prefer: club shows or slots at festivals?
Club shows. I love a festival, because there are always huge bands and overpriced pints. But club shows are where it's at for hot, sweaty, intimate affairs. Hopefully we'll be playing some in Europe soon!
You're still a young band. What are your main goals as a band?
Have as much fun as possible. We got into this through a love of music, and it's great to be able to express yourself creatively. But we fucking love to party. I don't think we'll ever not. So I suppose our main goal is to not die.
With which band would you like to play?
DEAF HAVANA. We love those boys.
And which band was the greatest to play or to tour with?
MALLORY KNOX and ALL TIME LOW were our favourite tours we've ever done. The crowds were so good to us, and the bands/crew made us feel really welcomed and at home.
Is this band a full-time job or do you still work on a normal basis?
Full time. This is my actual job.
Could you name one or two highlights of your bandhistory so far?
Releasing "The Good Youth" and going on tour with ALL TIME LOW. Both huge, pivotal moments in our band's short history.
What was the craziest thing that ever happened while you're on tour?
I got married in Prague. That was a thing that actually happened. I checked up on the laws the next day and because I didn't sign anything, I'm not technically married. But it was touch and go for a minute there!
What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Touring is top of the list of priorities. I'm always writing and coming up with ideas for songs, but we won't be recording them for a while. Not until our schedule clears up a bit anyway.


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